Facts concerning the Angelic Human DNA Template, DNA Activation, and Ascension

This information will help you have an understanding of the distinction between the DNA template and the two strand chemical DNA And exactly how DNA activation is the entire process of spiritual evolution.
The Angelic Human DNA template consists of scalar wave blueprints for twelve double helix DNA strands. 12 double helix DNA strands is the authentic Angelic Human Diamond Sunlight DNA template. Each individual strand template or energetic strand blueprint is made up of 12 fireplace letters which can be meant to translate into twelve large chromosomes. A hearth letter is actually a scalar wave program, held in the DNA template that produces range of type.
The DNA template is made up of distinct arrangements of hearth letters that Manage the manifestation of matter, biology, and consciousness.
Scalar waves are standing wave details made up of quantities of aware Strength. Scalar waves are multidimensional standing wave patterns that emanate outside of a hard and fast position of seem-tonal vibration, in the morphogenetic field. Scalar waves look to move from just one put to another, but in truth They're stationary points of light and stay in just one put.
DNA is definitely the observable parts and chemical translations of scalar wave systems that exist while in the morphogenetic field. These systems although, the scalar wave Component of the DNA, the component underneath the component we are seeing are identified as fire letters. That is certainly an ancient expression Utilized in the Enochian teachings and in the Hebrew teachings they discussed fireplace letters. They had been discussing the scalar wave patterns that when activated in the DNA; allow the entire body to grow to be mild. It authorized the particles and anti-particles to fuse, to turn into hearth, and Visit the subsequent octave. They ended up talking about The key mechanics of bigger evolution, The true secret to opening the connection in between gentleman and God. They realized that there was a key to ascension and which was in the fire letters. And so they ended up right.
The DNA template that we're Talking about at this time is exactly what exists in exactly what is called the morphogenetic discipline, or variety holding blueprint. All subject sorts and types of consciousness, like planetary bodies and human bodies, are manifested via a morphogenetic area, or sort Keeping blueprint, which exist as being a quantity of crystalline, electro-tonal energetic substance that is certainly made up of certain designs of frequency.
Varieties are available the manifestation and evolve, as patterns of frequency are drawn into the form’s morphogenetic subject, from the dimensional frequency bands in the unified subject wherein the morphogenetic industry is placed.
This drawing in of frequency progressively expands the morphogenetic area and results in sanitetski prevoz bolesnika evolution of sort progressively upward throughout the 15 dimensional universe. This is the process of DNA activation-the accretion of sunshine also to a person's field and DNA template, to activate the fire letters that allows a single to hook up with their better levels of consciousness.
So how is this alleged to operate Using the DNA template is performing properly? Each and every on the twelve all-natural chromosomes characteristic to every strand with the twelve strand angelic human chemical DNA is built upon a genetic alphabet of 12, not 4 nucleotide foundation substances.
Each from the 12 normal chromosomes for each strand are fashioned by a person primary DNA template fire letter. The chemical translation in the normal chromosomes is shaped from the Electrical power interrelationships between 1 magnetic base particle base code, even though one particular electrical anti-particle acceleration code, plus the twelve moment vector codes that type the construction of 1 fireplace letter during the DNA template.
Each from the 12 strand templates holds a set of 12 fire letters, a set of 12 base -acceleration code pairs, as well as a list of one hundred forty four vector codes. The twelve magnetic foundation codes in Every single strand arise with the mom line (the mom's genetic imprint) as well as twelve electrical acceleration codes for every strand arise from The daddy line (The daddy's genetic imprint).
The bottom code- acceleration code pair that sorts a person fireplace letter during the DNA template by which a person natural chemical chromosome will arise sorts The 2 sugar phosphate molecule teams that translate into your two handrails or heli of your chemical DNA ladder.
In its purely natural point out, a person heli would have the sugar phosphate blueprint inherited within the mom line genetic code and one other heli would have the sugar phosphate blueprint inherited from The daddy line genetic code, developing basically a magnetic particle mom heli and an electrical anti-particle father heli, as being the handrails on sanitetski prevoz cena the chemical DNA ladder.
While in the current condition, most of the base codes and acceleration codes that type the fire letters happen to be electrically reversed, which scrambles the natural mother or father line chemical interrelationships throughout the sugar phosphate handrails.
In The existing non-exceptional point out with the Homo-Sapien- two chemical DNA, gene sequences inherited from equally mother and father will seem in each heli, as a result of reverse base codes and acceleration codes throughout the DNA template. This makes problem while in the normal operate in the Angelic Human 12 strand DNA.
Scrambling of the base code and acceleration code pairs a select fireplace letters of your DNA template interrupts a pure functionality and supposed electromagnetic interrelationships amongst the mother heli magnetic particle base codes and the father heli electrical anti-particle acceleration codes while in the chemical phosphate chains within just just about every gene in chromosome during the DNA ladder. This manifests into the male-feminine rift below on World Earth.
By way of the entire process of DNA Perfection We've the ability to bio-regenerate our primary natural and organic DNA template and imprint for wellbeing, and reclaim our respective divine appropriate destinies and personal relationships into the just one supply God.
This really is the purpose of DNA Perfection – to help sanitetski prevoz cena anyone embody these frequencies to allow them to do the job in step with their soul’s mission and raise the frequency in the Earth for planetary ascension into the Absolute Harmonic Realms in 2012.
A great deal enjoy and respect,
Toby Alexander
DNA Perfection

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